Brief History


STOP was originally formed as an Incorporated Society when a group of professionals concerned about the lack of services for men who had sexually abused, established the Adult Programme in 1988.  STOP was subsequently established as a charitable trust in 1995.  The Adolescent programmes were established in Christchurch in 1993, Dunedin in 1996 and Invercargill in 2004. The Children’s Programme was developed in Christchurch in 2004 and Dunedin in 2005.


STOP provides community-based assessment and intervention services to adolescents and adults who have sexually abused/sexually offended and to children who have engaged in concerning sexual behaviour.  Clinical Programmes for children are provided in Christchurch, Nelson and Dunedin.  Programmes for adolescents are provided in Christchurch, Invercargill, Dunedin and Nelson and programmes for adult men in Christchurch. Special programmes are provided for both adolescents and men with Intellectual or learning disabilities. All clinical programmes provide individualised intervention that will be a combination of individual, family/whanau therapy or group therapy.

Governance and Staffing

STOP is governed by a Trust Board, with a CEO responsible for the operational aspects of the organisation, a Clinical Manager responsible for the clinical services of the Children and Adolescent Programmes and a Clinical Team Leader responsible for the Adult Programmes.

The Adult Programmes are delivered by a Clinical Team Leader, Psychologists and Specialist Clinicians.

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The Adolescent and Children’s Programmes are delivered by a Clinical Manager, Regional Team Leader, Children’s Programme Team Leader, Psychologists, Specialist Clinicians, Family Therapists, Social Worker and Maori Social Worker/Whanau Worker.

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All clinical teams are professionally trained in a range of disciplines including psychology, social work, counselling and family therapy and are members of relevant professional bodies. STOP staff attend regular in-service training and relevant workshops and seminars including international conferences.  Clinicians receive internal clinical supervision and external professional supervision.

Services for Maori and Pacific Peoples

STOP employs a Maori  Social Worker/Whanau worker in Christchurch who co-works with the primary clinician with Maori clients and whanau.  All staff have basic training in Taha Maori and the Treaty of Waitangi and consult with the Maori  Social Worker/Whanau worker  on work with Maori clients.

STOP has a collaborative partnership with Pacific Trust Canterbury in work with Pacific Peoples.  The Trust is committed to developing more culturally accessible services for Pacific Peoples.

Referrals and Funding

Clients are primarily referred from Oranga Tamariki, Community Probation, Police, Mental health Services, GP’s, School counsellors and community agencies and professionals.  The programmes are funded by contracts with Oranga Tamariki, Community Probation, Canterbury District Health Board, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice with grants from Community Trusts, Lotteries and other miscellaneous sources.  All services are provided free of charge to clients.

Education, Training and Research

STOP provides consultation, education and training to community professionals in the area of sexual abusing/sexual offending intervention.  The Maori Social Worker/Whanau worker also provides community education and networking to Maori agencies. STOP clinicians regularly present at local, national and international professional forums.

STOP has strong links with Tertiary training institutions providing fieldwork placements and internships for social work and clinical psychology students.

STOP is developing a  research focus and has undertaken research in areas relevant to the field including Family Therapy with Adolescent and their Families and a Survey for Adolescent females who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviour. Click here for more information on relevant Publications.

 Our Vision

A community free from Sexual Abuse

He Hapori Waatea I Taitookai

Working to STOP sexual abuse for a safer community.
E mahia kia whakamutu ai te tukino a takata, ara ki te mahi tahi ai me ratou kua tukinohia me ratou whanau, me te awhi, tautoko i a ratou.


Our Values – Striving for Clinical Excellence

  • We use our skills, knowledge and creativity to offer effective and innovative intervention
  • We ensure safety for our clients and those at most risk from them
  • We support and value each other with appreciation, caring and respect
  • We value direct open communication and management that listens and is responsive
  • We value diversity and the place of tangata whenua in our practice