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Our Children's Service

The Children's Service is aimed at helping children and their parents/caregivers and schools to gain the understanding, knowledge and relevant skills to prevent further concerning sexualised behaviour from occurring.

The service is designed to provide effective intervention suitable for this age group, identify the factors which have led to the concerning sexualised behaviour occurring and provide an intervention to address these factors.

Thank you for what you did and for making us feel at home, right from the receptionist at the front. You gave us balance and hope and brought us through so many things.
- A parent supported by Stop

Developmentally age-expected sexualised behaviour

Sometimes we can be alarmed by children's behaviours that are actually developmentally age-appropriate. Their stages of development can appear unusual.

Our developmentally age-expected sexualised behaviour page provides some guidelines to help parents/caregivers and family appreciate the range of developmentally age-appropriate sexualised behaviour that children may engage in.

Your journey with Stop

Talk to us by clicking on ‘’Contact Us" or phone us on 03 353 0257. 

Call and find out if we are the right service for you and your family. 

During this discussion, we will hear your story and make a plan, alongside you, for the most appropriate way forward. We will outline what you can expect, which may include being referred to a more appropriate service.  

An Assessment can take between 8-10 weeks to complete. Across this time we will work with the child and family to assess protective factors, and how these can be enhanced to ensure safe play and behaviour. 

Intervention is individualised for each child and their family. The parent or caregiver participates in each session with the child, to ensure that the language and skills used are known to both. 

As part of our ongoing support, Stop will follow up with the family 3-6 months after completing the programme, providing additional support where required.  

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Click on ‘Contact Us’ or call us on 03 353 0257 to speak with one of our skilled team members who will help point you in the right direction.

We receive referrals from Oranga Tamariki, schools, doctors and other social service professionals.

It is free to talk to us and often we can provide relevant information and guidance that will make a big difference. 

We have robust practices and procedures that protect and respect the privacy of everyone and a very high standard of confidentiality. 

Click here for Resources and tips around conversations to have with your child.

Please take time to view our Safe Touch Illustrated Video.

Click here for the Stop Children's Referral form.

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Information for Family

Most family experience many emotions when they find out a child has exhibited concerning sexual behaviours. Some of the most common reactions are shock, anger, disbelief, shame and confusion. Sometimes parents/caregivers will blame themselves.

It is important to know that it’s not your fault and you are not responsible. We create a safe space for children to be accountable for their actions and support them to play safely.

Family often want someone supportive to talk to. Stop can help. Our experience demonstrates that with the right support, family can move forward and feel more hopeful.

Using Te Tiriti o Waitangi as our foundation, we work to ensure all clients and their family receive culturally appropriate support that recognises their unique values, beliefs and needs. 

Your referral is confidential and once you engage with our services, we will outline our commitment to you and your child’s privacy and confidentiality.

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Children's Service Forms

School years 1 - 8

Children's Referral Form - PDF

Everyone has been great, thanks for all your help. I felt I needed all the help I could get in the beginning. It’s not just our son who has finished Stop, it’s us, and we made it! Thanks for helping us get through it.
- An appreciative parent

Stop’s resources for working with tamariki: