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Pounamu blessing

01 June 2022
Pounamu Blessing 1

In 2022 Stop rebranded to better reflect our values and the essence of what Stop does.

Our new roimata (teardrop) shaped logo symbolises a new day (Te Ao Marama) or awakening of a new dawn, reflective of the healing services provided by Stop.

In June Stop hosted Te Mairiki Williams and Tyrone Smith to officially bless a pounamu carved with the Stop roimata. The pounamu was sourced from the Makawhio River on the West Coast and created by a collective of Ōtautahi carvers led by Arepa Tata.

Stop’s mauri stone is now one of the first things visitors see when they enter Stop’s Christchurch site, helping keep the balance of energy within our whare.