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Our roimata

09 March 2022

A lot of things have changed since Stop started supporting people to live better lives in 1988. Something that hasn't changed, up until now, is our logo.

In late 2021 we started a journey that explored how to represent the service we provide in an appealing and meaningful way, and we're incredibly proud of the result.

Our new logo is in the shape of a roimata (teardrop). Rakinui (Sky father) is represented at the top of the logo and the movement down the logo represents the beginning of a roimata. The symbolism within this is that when we look for help we tend to naturally look up with tears in our eyes looking for a higher source and answer. Our tears are heard when we do this and Rakinui replies.

The koru begins on the right and goes to the left – this direction symbolises how when we search for healing in Te Ao Maori we need to go back to unpack and this process enables whakanoa (lifting of the tapu). Going back and identifying the source of the problem requires us to turn back or go against the natural flow – only then can healing happen and the natural flow return (required for hauora).

The base and left side of the logo symbolises Papatuanuku (Earth mother) nurturing the mamae (pain, hurt) in a way that completes the roimata (teardrop) and makes it whole.

The teardrop is symbolic of a new day(Te Ao Marama)or awakening of a new dawn which is reflective in the healing services provided by Stop.