How does a child get referred?

How Does a Child get referred to the Children’s Service?

Often when a parent or another adult discovers a child has engaged in sexually harmful behaviour they will contact a health professional (such as a GP), a counsellor, school teacher or principal.

Initial telephone contact may be made with the Children’s Service Manager from such professionals or from a parent or caregiver to discuss the appropriateness of a referral.

Advice can also be given on initial safety guidelines to put in place while a referral is being made. If it seems appropriate, a referral may then be made for an assessment to the Stop Children’s Service. There is no cost to clients for the services provided by Stop. The referral professional would discuss funding options with the Children’s Service Manager or Clinical Director prior to the referral being made.

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Referral sources include:

  • Oranga Tamariki Social Worker
  • Health Professional
  • Family Community Agency or community professional
  • School Counsellor or Principal

Initial contact must be made via phone or email contact with the Children’s Service Manager, Betty Gallagher:  click here

If the referral fits the criteria for the programme, the referral person completes a Referral form and returns it to the Children’s Service Manager Betty Gallagher or Clinical Director  -Stop Children & Adolescent Services

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