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Adolescent and Children’s related Publications

Research conducted by two STOP clinicians regarding interview techniques for children:

Drawing Helps Children to Talk

Valuing the Child’s Perspective

Interviews with children re their mental health problems: The congruence and validity of information that children report

Early Intervention and Prevention Programme:  With Children who display concerning sexualised behaviour.  Executive Summary of Report prepared for Ministry of Justice – January 2011 by WellStop and STOP

Executive Summary: Early Intervention 2011


Lambie I, Geary J, Fortune C, Brown P and Wellergate
Getting it Right.  An Evaluation of New Zealand Community Treatment Programmes for Adolescents who Sexually Offend.  A Summary Report
Ministry of Social Development, Wellington

Getting it Right

Adolescent females who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviour: A survey for the STOP Adolescent Programme.
Christchurch: Te Awatea Press.  Evans, N., Cosgrove, P., Moth, B. & Hewitson, J. (2004)

Female Sexual Offenders

Girls 101: Psychosocial and Clinical Characteristics of Girls (10-17 years) with Harmful Sexual Behaviours in New Zealand.  Weedon, Victoria (2011)

Girls 101: Psychosocial & Clinical Characteristics of Girls (10-17) with HSB in NZ
Sexually abusive youth: A review of recidivism studies and methodological issues for future research.  Clare-Ann Fortune, Ian Lambie

Sexually Abusive Youth


Adult Programme Related Publications

Community Solutions for the Community’s Problem: An Outcome Evaluation of Three New Zealand Community Child Sex Offender Treatment Programmes
Department of Corrections. Lambie, I., & Stewart, M.  (2002)

CPS Evaluation

Consumer perspectives of NZ community treatment programmes for sexually abusive youth.  Journal of Sexual Aggression 25 May 2010  Geary, Jan, Lambie, Ian and Seymour, Fred (2010)

Consumer Perspectives of NZ Treatment Programmes


Education Publications