Feedback about Stop

What people say about Stop 

  • From a mother:  Pleased you guys hung in there and went the extra mile. Thanks very much.
  • From a mother: Thank you very much, we were a family in crisis – great that there is a team to provide this work.  We have grown as a family, thank you very much.
  • From a mother: Thank you for what you did and for making us feel at home, right from the receptionist at the front you have all made us feel at home. You gave us balance and hope and brought us through so many things, you feel like family.
  • From a father: I think you are doing a fantastic job.
  • From a mother: Everyone has been great, thanks for all your help. I felt I needed all the help I could get in the beginning.  It’s not just our son who has finished STOP, it’s us, and we made it!  Thanks for helping us get through it.
  • From a father: Thanks for your support.
  • From a client:  I think I’m very lucky having the clinicians I have had.  I appreciate the help you have given me.
  • From a client: Thank you for helping and supporting me – you did everything possible.
  • From a care provider:  It was superb working with the STOP social worker, there were many challenges they met in  finding boarding placements
  • From a social worker: You guys always acknowledge the distance families travel and I appreciate your flexibility
  • From a caregiver:  Thank you for putting your name forward for a long battle!