How do I get referred to Stop’s Adult Service?

Initial Contact

A referring professional or potential client, partner or significant other may telephone the Team Leader of the Adult Services to discuss the suitability of the referral and to answer any questions about the referral process.  The referring professional will require the consent of the client that may be referred, if identifying information about the clients circumstances are to be discussed with the Team Leader.   Click here for information on Stop’s policies on Privacy and Confidentiality.  


When a completed referral form is submitted and appears appropriate, including identification of a funding stream, the referral will be placed on a waitlist. The referrer will be advised of the receipt of the referral and then updated on its progress on the waitlist. We do our best to see clients as soon as is possible. However sometimes factors such as sentencing requirements, client numbers, risk, safety concerns etc mean that clients referrals may be moved up or down the waitlist.

Once the case has been allocated, a referral meeting between STOP, referral agent and the individual with his partner/significant other will take place. This meeting clarifies the process about to be undertaken with agreed targets for the man and his family to focus on. Both undergo assessment and a feedback meeting is undertaken to provide in-depth feedback to the referral agent as well as the assessment report.


The Stop clinician will make contact with the client and the referrer when an assessment time becomes available and arrange to meet with the client to further assess suitability for the programme. Assessment interviews take approximately 5 – 6 hours and may be scheduled over several sessions. All the assessment information is then presented in a report that is available to the client and referrer.   If found suitable, the client will be invited to join the intervention programme which runs for minimum of 52 weeks or for up to two years for the ALPS (Assisted Learning Programme).

We are happy to talk to you if you are considering a referral, seeking clarification, requiring literature,  references in this field, or anything that would be useful in your decision-making.

To make a referral, request a referral form,  or find out additional information,  please contact:

Manager Adult Service: Bryan O’Neill