Resources & Tips for Parents/Caregivers

  1. You are the Boss of your own body – Private parts are private
  2. How to tell if sexual play is not OK – Responding to concerning sexualised behaviour
  3. Rules about touching – Talking about ‘OK’ and ‘not-OK’ touching
  4. Use the traffic lights – how to use the traffic lights
  5. Internet safety with children – Keeping children safe online
  6. Keep tamariki safe from R-rated material – Keep children safe from R-rated material
  7. Rules about our bodies – Rules for toilets and getting changed
  8. Everyone has a personal space bubble – It is important to respect other people’s personal space
  9. Safe touching – Talk, play and stay safe OK!
  10. Safe people children can trust – Good and bad secrets
  11. How to talk with your children about sexualised behaviour – It’s cool to korero!