Complaints Procedure

Information for Clients

  • Complaints will be treated seriously, dealt with in an effective and timely manner (in writing within five working days), and resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, where at all possible
  • Any complaint made about STOP staff shall be addressed in the manner outlined below. Such a process shall not preclude you from pursing the matter (either concurrently or subsequently) through other channels e.g. the Health and Disability Consumers Advocacy Service.
  • Any complaint made will not result in the complainant being disadvantaged or their treatment prejudiced
  • Complainants have a right to be supported when making a complaint. They are to be offered the choice of their own nominated support person or an independent advocate available through the Health and Disability Commissioner.   The support person/advocate may also meet with the complainant at the completion of the process to ascertain whether he/she is satisfied with the investigation outcome
  • Clients for whom English is a second language have a right to an interpreter to assist them with the complaint process. Such an interpreter will be arranged by STOP
  • The resolution is to be reached within one month of the complaint being made, unless there are extenuating circumstances and the complainant is made aware of, and agrees to, a (specified) delay period.
The following flow chart following summarises STOP’s procedures for handling complaints:

Complaint Process